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March 08, 2012


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I can't believe the time is here either! I feel like it was yesterday Dane announced through his t-shirt that you were expecting. I can't wait to meet the little one and I'm ready to babysit! ;) Enjoy these last few weeks with Danger was an only child.


Ps. You look great! :)


Wow, you look amazing, Jennie!


only 2-ish weeks left, wow ... wishing you the very best.

Gwen Herem

Your belly is beautiful. Blessings on that new miracle in your family's journey.


You are so adorable!! Can't wait to meet that little baby. :)

Jennie Sewell

Thanks guys, we're getting so excited! More updates of the little one hopefully soon...

Sara O'Driscoll

Wow, what a difference this baby is from Dane! Maybe that means its a little girl;) You look great Jen and I'll give you a call this week to catch up a bit and wish you luck on your last few weeks. Love ya!

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